The Launch! 2/23/15

It’s the day of the launch and I must share my transforming and amazing Angelosophy journey. It has been quite an experience I must say! As you may know from reading my “What is Angelosophy” blog, I have been cultivating this vision for a while now. And I will say that the last 2 years living here in Costa Rica have been the most rewarding in the whole process. And this is just the beginning!

Angelosophy and the LIGHT School Program have been living dormant, waiting to emerge my whole life and is now the foundational platform that supports my life purpose in supporting women and children’s life path on a global scale in full self-actualized expression.

I moved to Costa Rica for self-healing, to expand my inner light through connecting to my body and creativity so that I could bring this mission out into the world in the most authentic way. It was not easy to move away from my family and community to come here to connect deeper spiritually to the commitment of fully aligning with my life purpose so I can live a life of wellness and fulfillment. I have drawn strength from God, Jesus and the Holy Angel’s wisdom and support do guide me every step of the way.

There were so many gifts I received on my journey, from my writing, self-healing in the jungle, to completing my Yoga Teacher training certification course and meeting, connecting and building strong, meaningful relationships with the most amazing women I have ever known in the magical Rainforest of Costa Rica! I am aware of how living in this environment gifted me the sacred space I needed to truly receive clarity and steps toward actualizing the vision of this platform to support the women and children of the world.

I am so grateful for all the collaborations supporting Angelosophy’s mission! To my soul sisters past present and future, Victoria Hughes, Heidi Michelle, Nicole Gayatri, Candace Avila, Rebecca Hill, Roxanne Massey, Shelley Garcia, Shaeah Love, Astraya Tierra, Dionne Freeman, Inna Revina, Cynthia Madix and more...

To the beautiful Lightworkers I yet to encounter on this blissful path in life, I call upon you now to join me and the amazing women of the world in a movement toward unity consciousness where we thrive in a spiritually connected world where ALL women are aligned in divine purpose and children are nurtured in their God-given nature!