Inspiration to LIGHT School

I have memories from early childhood where I knew I was different from other kids. I was more sensitive and had an uncanny sense of intuition and spiritual wisdom. At three years old my parents said they had to literally pull me away from counseling their 30 year old friends at the parties they would have at our home. My Mother told me that as a toddler I started speaking about “God” before they even introduced the word to me. Constantly saying “God this, God that.” There was a small church in our neighborhood; it didn’t matter the denomination because I didn’t know what that meant! I was on a mission to inspire my parents to get me to that church!  My Father and I would venture off together on Sunday morning and my Mother said that I would come home and talk to my “imaginary friends” in my playroom when I was alone. Looking back I see how this was the first example where I was not being nurtured in my natural ability to communicate with the unseen realm.

 I hear the angels and feel their presence to this day. I had moments my whole life of connecting with this life force energy working for God which supported my life in so many ways. Just imagine if my Mother had engaged me with questions or allowed me to share my 3 year old reality without knowing her perception yet. Based on my Mother’s dismissive behavior, I was imprinted with thinking that my connection with the angels was not real and was silly. That I was silly. So I started keeping it to myself. This was the beginning of dimming my light for the sake of others.

Over time, my intuitive and spiritual gifts moved into my subconscious mind and eventually I was not strengthening them in a conscious way anymore. I was forced to adapt and conform to my environments therefore my God-given nature was not supported in any of the curriculums I encountered. So that was two life arenas that I could not share my gifts in. The arenas I spent most my daily activities in; Home and School.

Unfortunately this is the pattern for many children today. They are EXTREMELY creative, intuitive, spiritual, sensitive and caring, strong willed, intelligent, energetic and wise beyond their years. Many school systems do not cater to these types of children in the way that they are wired to learn. In fact they do the opposite by placing negative labeling of “disorders” on them because they can’t seem to conform to their system of learning. Which can create negative imprinting in their minds about themselves and this leads to imbalance in the body, mind and spirit.  

These kids command to be nurtured and accepted in their divine nature or they act out in many different ways until they are heard and get their needs met. If only they could be supported in their individual nature from the beginning of their life time and nurtured in the ways that supported their whole wellbeing as they grow throughout life. What a fantastic idea!

As I look back now on the experiences of my childhood home life and public education, I deeply understand the systemic issues in many aspects of it. The “gift” I take away from the limitation experiences growing up has lead me to a burning desire to support Children’s God-given nature and inspire and teach parents holistic and spiritual ways to support their bright light child!

This is the inspiration for creating the LIGHT School Program. I believe every choice and experience in life was preparing me for my life purpose today which is to support these new generations of children in this way.

It is our responsibility as parents and educators to support the individual child’s wellbeing. What better way to do this then by giving them a sacred space to grow, and learn how to learn for themselves. Teach a child how to learn and they can do anything there heart guides them to do. So I say let’s teach them to connect with their heart first! Teach them ways to quiet the mind and be still to listen to their inner light and connect to their body and creativity starting from early childhood. The rest will fall into place because they are grounded in who they are, asking questions about life, filled with happiness and joy, learning what THEY want to learn about, connected to God and living life in holistic and harmonious ways. Thriving in the world not just surviving in the world happening around them.

I believe our role is to be here by their side to hold a sacred space, mirroring healthy boundaries, loving them unconditionally and supporting their individual life path. Children are the leaders of their individual life path and we are here to find the best ways to support them in making their highest choices.  

These are the values of the Light School Program. This is what I am passionate about sharing with parents in hope they will be inspired to enroll their child in the program by joining the camp Spring and Summer Sessions. And one day may my dream of having The LIGHT School Center for Kids come to fruition!

I am thrilled to connect with kids to support them in strengthening their self-awareness and self-empowerment to be who they came here to be in the world in the most authentic way possible!

Love & Light!