LIGHT School is a holistic enrichment program for children. A yoga based program that unites the mind, body and spirit and teaches children how to reveal and expand their inner LIGHT through loving action toward themselves and others. We inspire children to be their best reflection to the world!

  •  We offer a holistic, grounding and peaceful environment for creative expression in art, dance, music, food and nature.
  •  We support kids in strengthening and amplifying their intuitive and spiritual gifts through honoring and nurturing each individual child’s  divine nature.
  • We support them in building resilience through developing self-awareness and self-empowerment toward being their best reflection in the world.
  • We focus on emotional wellness, social and spiritual development through group and individual activities. Environmental, cultural and nutritional awareness is part of our curriculum. (see Rainbow Kids Yoga)
  • We offer organic food and teach the nutritional benefits for our bodies and offer vegetarian and NUT free snacks to the children. We will accommodate any dietary specifications for your child.


All of our kid’s camps are based on the LIGHT School curriculum.


  • Yoga
  • Snack/nutrition/Etiquette lesson
  • Hands on cooking
  • Story time/coaching for kids
  • Gardening/Herbs/essential oils/outdoor time
  • Art/dance/music/food (rotates different days of week)
  • Equestrian riding and therapy programs