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RAISING FUNDS TO BUILD the light ranch

We are currently raising awareness and funds for the future home of a Holistic Wellness, Regenerative Medicine and Spirituality Center for families which will offer a holistic enrichment program for children called LIGHT School.  A yoga based program that unites the mind, body and spirit and teaches children how to reveal and expand their inner LIGHT (LOVELIGHT) through loving action toward themselves and others in support of living their full potentiality.

The LIGHT Ranch will offer daily classes, retreats and summer kid's camps, healing arts, holistic therapies, personal development workshops, equestrian programs, Biblical Christian Ministry and LIGHT School

The property will be a sacred space for self-discovery, self-healing, personal and spiritual development, and offer holistic wellness services for women, children and families.

The wellness center at the ranch will be called the StemLIGHT Center; A Regenerative Therapy and Research Institute. Danielle Edmondson is opening the first StemLIGHT Center at an urban location in Aledo, Tx. January 2019.

The Center and school is based in Judeo-Christian values and teachings. We are believers in Christ and invite you to join our online community and be a part of manifesting this vision into reality in the future location in the Northwest Texas area.

We currently support children in our LIGHT School Program through the LIGHT School Kids Camps in the Texas areas. We look forward to the day we open our facility to support these bright light kids and their family!

Are you moved to give a love offering to Angelosophy to support The LIGHT Ranch facility fund? Or are our called to collaborate in some way? Please contact the Founder, CEO Danielle Edmondson at