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Angelosophy’s crowdfunding platform

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Angelosophy’s mission is to support the holistic life path of women and children. We believe sharing and building community is important. WowConnect stands for Women Of The World Connect and is Angelosophy's crowdfunding website where women can campaign to promote projects, programs or businesses.

Our Vision for WowConnect

An online Crowdfunding site that supports woman, parents and children promote their projects, programs, causes and businesses.


  • Do you have a business idea that requires start-up funding or have an existing business you want to take to the next level?
  • Do you or your child have a project, program or charity your wish to raise awareness for and give financial support to?
  • Does your child need funds for education?
  • Does you or your child have an existing business and would benefit from funds to support its growth and success? 
  • Do you feel called to give in support for the cause of ending sex-trafficking/slavery?