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about angelosophy


To support women and the Mothers of the world in self-healing, self-discovery and empowerment while holding a sacred space for them to realign with their life purpose to reflect their fullest potentiality.

To preserve the innocence of children by nurturing their divine nature and supporting them in building resilience through developing their self-awareness and self- confidence to be their best reflection in the world.

To create a global Angel investor fund crowd sourcing platform. To become the largest Angel fund network for projects, programs and charities that support the well being of women, children and family.



To have the light inside us continue to expand individually and universally for healing and harmony of the planet.

To be in alignment with the will of the Creator and Jesus Christ (Yeshua). With the loving intention to express this will by connecting to spiritual sovereignty.



By listening intuitively and following the divine truth inside of us we are able to connect to infinite creativity which supports every aspect of our well being.

Through our conscious loving thoughts and actions toward ourselves and those around us we may experience healing, balance, and peace in our life.

We support children in listening divinely to retain and amplify their intuition and spiritual gifts and offer educational workshops and classes to parents on holistic and chemical free ways to feed and support children's well being.



We believe in the principle of the mirror. That life around us is a reflection of ourselves. We commit to being a reflection of the highest good and to the expansion of eternal light by embodying love, honoring children and claiming personal responsibility. We believe in fulfilling our individual life path and inspire others by reflecting the example of embodying love .

  • We believe in Jesus Christ (Yeshua)
  • We live our fullest potentiality with integrity and grace
  • We honor family values
  • We live by the Golden Rule
  • We Embody love through the example of Christ
  • We align with Prosperity Consciousness
  • We live in a servant spirit