Angelosophy Workshops


Angelosophy Workshops


30 Day Angelosophy Living Retreat.. A journey to realigning with your Life Purpose..

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Angelosophy Workshops will be offered at retreat center locations internationally.

Workshops offered:


Description: Are you ready to rediscover, awaken and commit to your life purpose and holistic well being? This 30 day immersion retreat with Danielle will jump start you to fully realigning with your divine purpose. The retreat is custom to your individual needs and you will learn the Angelosophy tools and be applying them during this time while clearing old patterns by creating new habits that support your highest good in all aspects of your life. Join us for a holistic, spiritual journey of self-love toward self-healing, self-discovery, wellness and empowerment. Learn ways to feed and nurture yourself. Look forward to stepping back into the world with more clarity of your life purpose and certainty that you are on your way to living the life you deserve with valuable tools to support you forever on your path in life.

Support your Indigo Child

Description: This workshop is a celebration of your child’s gift in the world and how you can support their God given nature. Learn more about the history and definition of the Indigo Child. Gain a deeper understanding of your child’s amazing wiring as a person. Learn ways to nurture and support your sensitive child in retaining and amplifying their spiritual gifts. Learn tools to nurture their mind, body and spirit and how to create a holistic and chemical free environment for them to thrive every day. Leave with a new found acceptance for your child’s unique gift of self-expression, confidence in how to support their divine nature and peace of mind for their future in the world.

Ignite Your Purpose and Passion!

Description: Realign with your divine purpose and share your light with the world! Join this workshop for self-discovery, self-healing and empowerment! Clear your old limiting belief systems and open your heart and connect to the divine to ignite your spirit. You will learn tools to realize and connect to your purpose and ways to live your fullest potentiality. 

Angelosophy 101

Description: Angelosophy is a way of Life. A daily practice connecting to God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Angelic Realm for guidance and support. Learn the Angelosophy tools and ways to apply them to support all aspects of your life. Create harmonious relationships, healthy family life, a prosperous career and meaningful spiritual path with these powerful tools. See the powerful ways these tools can support children. Integrate them into your daily life and be a reflection of this philosophy at home with your family.

Love Wins! How to let go of fear and choose love!

Description: Love Always Wins!! Learn how to let go of your fears and embody love. Learn ways to open your mind and align your heart with your true nature. One that is free to live the abundant and happy life you deserve and the Universe wants to give you. Take home tools that will support you in transmuting fear into love in all aspects of your life. Join this workshop and transform your life!