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Danielle is the Founder, CEO of Angelosophy. She is a mother of two, Spiritual Life Coach, Certified Yoga Teacher for adults and children. She supports women in her private practice through coaching sessions and offers children's yoga camps, holistic wellness workshops and retreats.

Danielle has 20 years experience in coaching and inspiring women in self-healing, self-discovery and realigning with their life purpose and is passionate about sharing the Angelosophy tools with her clients. Her ultimate passion is supporting children in their God-given nature. And she is currently working toward opening a Spiritual Wellness Center for families with a Holistic enrichment program for children called LIGHT School. Read her "Inspiration to LIGHT School" Blog to learn more about her passion and vision..


In global collaboration toward spiritual sovereignty and unity consciousness Danielle is fully aligned with the global mission to end sex trafficking/slavery. Danielle has supported young women in exiting the sex trade industry to realign with their life purpose by fully stepping into their power and become financially free through walking in their divine purpose.  

Danielle is passionate about supporting women and children on their life path and wholeheartedly believes in humanity. Her mission in life is to reveal much light in the world by embodying love and teaching the Angelosophy tools for the expansion of light on the planet.  


“My higher purpose in life is to reveal and expand an infinite amount of light by embodying love while being a divine reflection in the world, and to support the creation of a spiritually thriving world where all women are aligned in their life purpose and the children are being nurtured and supported in their creativity and God-given nature.” Danielle