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we support WOMEN

Angelosophy believes women are the connectors of society. The divine Mothers of the earth, they are strong, intuitive and creative. We empower women to transform their lives through self-discovery, self-healing and aligning with their life purpose to share their gifts with the world. 

WowConnect is our Private Social Media Platform created to provide a sacred space for women and children to connect and share, learn, inspire, collaborate, develop inter-personally, build community, advertise products or services and promote projects, programs or businesses through our crowdfunding platform.

Additionally Angelosophy wishes to give exposure to the selected women who inspire us with their spirit, achievements and light. These women are leading examples of strength, compassion, caring and resilience. We hope you find in them the same inspiration and awe that we do. We will be featuring new women here every month in support of honoring and supporting their life path.