New Mom and Baby Essentials

Here’s some ideas on using essential oils for pregnancy and new babies.

• Morning Sickness- Try diffusing grapefruit or peppermint next to your bed, the scent may help reduce nausea. You can also try a digestion blend like DigestZen to help with morning sickness. Alternate using the blend with other oils helpful for morning sickness such as ginger, peppermint, etc.

• Restlessness/Insomnia- Try a relaxing blend such as Serenity or use Lavender. Apply the oils to your body and then relax in a warm bath. Apply a drop of the oils to a tissue and place it in your pillow case.

• Low Back Pain, Leg Pain, Pressure, etc.- Pain relief or Massage blends such as Deep Blue and/or AromaTouch would be great blends to try. Mix with a carrier oil and apply to the painful location. Soak in a warm bath after applying.

• Fatique- A citrus blend like Citrus Bliss or any of the single citrus oils would be good to try. Diffuse them or add a drop or two to your hands, cup them around your mouth and nose and inhale. You can also add it to a carrier and massage it on the back of your neck, spine, etc.

• Stretch Marks- Immortelle blend would be the go-to blend to try. Add it to coconut oil to make it last longer and easier to apply.

• Stress & Emotional Upheaval- Balance blend and Elevation blend would be great to use daily and as often as needed to feel grounded and positive.

• Labor Contractions- Clary Sage in a uterine tonic and can help with contractions. Place a drop on ankle reflex points. Avoid clary sage until delivery around 40 weeks.

• Labor Pains- Black Pepper, Basil, Deep Blue and Deep Blue Rub would be great to try. Massage with a carrier oil into the lower back.

• Labor Energy/mood- Diffuse Serenity or Elevation into the air to improve the peacefulness and happiness in the room.

• Increase Milk Supply- Massage breasts, lymph area above breasts, and upper back along the spine with 5-7 drops of fennel, basil, clary sage, or geranium in 1 Tablespoon of carrier oil. Wash before nursing.

• Decrease Milk Supply- Mix 3-4 drops peppermint with cold water, soak a washcloth and apply it as a compress to breasts. Wash before nursing.

• Umbilical Cord- Myrrh helps it heal without infection and fall off faster. Apply a drop to the area daily.

• Calming Baby- Apply Balancing or grounding blend to the bottoms of the baby’s feet. Frankincense would be another good one to try.

• Sleep- Serenity on the baby’s feet.

• Diaper Rash- Balance blend with coconut oil.

• Colic- DigestZen with a carrier oil on the baby’s tummy or try a drop of citrus bliss, wild orange and/or lavender with a carrier oil.

There are many, many, more recommendations from experienced moms, midwives, and nurses. I love this book:

Essential Oils for Pregnancy, Birth, & Babies by Stephanie Fritz LM, CPM

Sherri Price, a midwife with 20 + years experience has a webinar with lots of great tips for using essential oils here:

A word of advice from Sherri regarding using essential oils during pregnancy- She says to make sure you are using high quality oils such as doTERRA and if any oil creates contractions, stop using it. Use common sense and dilute on small babies and sensitive skin. Use small amounts at each application and use as often as needed.

And last but not least,  Quinn put together a little video on how she used doTERRA products to drastically enhance her last pregnancy experience: