Angelosophy supports spiritual women entrepreneurs in their businesses that nurture and empower women and children. We offer an opportunity for teachers to collaborate with us in our LIGHT School program by teaching at one of our yearly camps or hosting a LIGHT School Kids Camp in their local city.

Our vision is to create and share our model world wide to empower teachers to come together to support children in their God-given nature through activities in holistic enrichment. If you are interested in collaborating contact us!

LIGHT School Kids Camp Summer 2015



Danielle Edmondson, Founder, CEO of Angelosophy and Director of LIGHT School Program. She is a mother of two, Angel Therapy Practitioner, Life Coach and yoga teacher to women, children and families. Her gift is in connecting with children to support their creativity and empower them in their God-given nature.

Her wish is for the LIGHT School curriculum to inspire families and educators to practice and integrate the model into educational programs worldwide to support a healthy and thriving society. 

“My higher purpose in life is to reveal and expand an infinite amount of light by embodying love while being a divine reflection, and to support the creation of a spiritually thriving world where all women are aligned in their life purpose and the children are being nurtured and supported in their creativity and God-given nature.” Danielle


Dionne Freeman is the Founder of Smart Lil’ Beans.  She is a Registered Nurse, wife and mother.  With humor, expertise and passion, Dionne creates the necessary environment for promoting healthy life-style choices to children through creative expression.

Through the Smart Lil’ Beans program she encourages lifelong healthy habits and empowers children with self-confidence.

Smart Lil' Beans is a nurturing and empowering program that encompasses overall human health and well-being for their body, mind and spirit. Children are given an essential understanding of the amazing human body, having fun with healthy nutrition and the art of etiquette.

Kids gain self-confidence, shape a foundation for healthy life habits and the wisdom of balance for their whole being. Each child is a beautiful, bright soul from God that possesses their own unique love and beauty.


"With Positive Thoughts, Positive Actions and Positive Feelings we can realign our Triad of Health and inspire our inner expression."  -Dionne